Information Security Advisory (ISO/IEC 27001 / GDPR)

Chrys is certified an ISO 27001 lead implementer. He can support your organization establishing, implementing, managing and maintaining an Information Security Management System (ISMS) based on ISO/IEC 27001. In addition, he  provide advisory services to organisations that seek to improve their information security maturity level or want to get ready for General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Virtual CISO

Chrys played the role of virtual CISO for SMEs. Virtual CISO is a service that can conduct a comprehensive assessment of a company’s security posture to pinpoint weaknesses and improve your firms security maturity level over the long-term. Acting either as a long-standing resource for your organisation or as interim CISO, a vCISO will step in to establish security standards, implement controls, and help you improve your incident responce—continually refining your approach to address the dynamic threat landscape along with industry best practices and regulations.

Aligning IT with Business Strategy

Aligning IT strategy and business strategy can take time and needs cooperation, it is an exercise worth completing. When IT is working to support business goals it leads to happier, more productive teams, smarter investments and greater return. Chrys can help you establish a communication channel between the IT department and Business Units

Project Management

Chrys can be your outsourced project manager for complicated and multinational projects. He can represent your company to progress meetings, locally or abroad.

Chief Information Officer (vCIO)

Do you have a digital transformation budget but aren’t sure where to start from? Chrys can assess your needs, outline opportunities, and prescribe specific actions for long-term Digital Transformation success.

Blockchain Advisory

While blockchain's potential is transformational, the landscape is nascent and developing. Chrys can be a valuable advisor, both strategically and technically, as he is very active in the particular field having published articles related to practical use cases around blockchain.

IT Business Analysis
As an IT Business analyst he can help your organisation ensure that software developers build applications that meet user needs, whether the developers are building an application from scratch or customizing an off-the-shelf solution.