The Blockchain Revolution: Insights from Top-Management


Published: Cornell university Libary

This is an exploration of Blockchain technology that is growing in popularity and it seems to be able to disrupt a plethora of industries. A research is being conducted to examine Blockchain potential to be adopted by enterprises from different sectors as well as the parameters that could affect its adoption. Mostly known as the technology that underpins Bitcoin, this concept raised a significant interest within various markets. Blockchain offers a new approach to valued information management and sharing and it is introduced as a solution against the inefficiencies that affect the industry. Experts, infrastructure providers and banks can now work on this technology and explore its uses. This is a new technology journey with obstacles that will need to be overcome and it can not be clear yet what will eventually arise. Professionals from around the world express their views on the adoption of Blockchain by organisations and how these plan to support its deployment. Thoughts are shared in terms of the required budget and the parameters that can impact its adoption. There is a great interest in Blockchain technology and its revolutionary potential to modernize the world economy and this is only the beginning.